Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Where do you find the time?

Time, it's either 'On our side' or 'Against Us'. We have 'Far Too much Time' on our hands, or 'Not enough Hours in the day'.

This appears to depend on many factors, day of the week, schedule, workload, social outings. 'Downtime', which really means sat doing very little.

So what is it that keeps some of us on the,' On Our Side' Team and the rest of us on the 'Against Us' Team?

Planning? Organisational skills? I think it is a combination of that but mainly your state of mind,how you perceive time. And without sounding twee, I think it's about making time for the things you love.

I choose to spend my time keeping my house clean my family cleaner (4 kids,an almost husband,a deaf dog and a cat that can't decide if it lives here or 'there'). My other passion,baking and I don't mean fairy buns, I mean three tier full on cake creations,show stopping Christmas Cookies and treats that make my almost husband almost propose!

You can, as far as I can tell make a conscious decision to make the most of time, it's your time and only you can decide how to spend it. And that's what your doing,once it's gone, it's gone.

As busy as my day is, time is Always On My Side, because I make it so. I might be up till 1am decorating cookies but it will only be against me when I stop doing the things I love and filling it with the things I don't!

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