Thursday, 24 January 2013

One Kind Word can change someone's whole day!

That's a lovely sentiment isn't it?

I've got a better one though, one Top Tip can change someone's life. I received such a tip this morning, and as bland as it sounds, to me it will settle my gripe with myself over our choice of worktop when we bought our new kitchen.

It's dark, and it shows every watermark, every tiny crumb and drives me into a frenzy of  'work top wiping' every time I enter the kitchen.

So in passing, my sister who has just chosen the very same worktop mentioned that using Glass Cleaner is the way forward.

Now, at the time of her telling me this she had no idea what an issue this was becoming for me (just call me Monika) and certainly would not have started her call with, I've Got a Top Tip for you.....

Cause that's how life goes doesn't it? Just like the title A Kind Word can change someone's day,you may not realise it at the time and it may be of little consequence to you but these little 'word transactions' between you and other people may just make all the difference to their day,or even their lives!

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