Friday, 25 January 2013

That moment you lose your call....

You know what I mean. It almost NEVER happens when you are on a boring call, the ones you would love to lose,eyes glazing over usually planning what's for dinner....

No, the ones you lose are the juicy,full throttle gossip,ranting,slanging ones that when they are just getting really interesting...............................................

You have a twitch at first, a kind of feeling that 'white noise', snow drift feeling well, it's not really even noise you just know like a sixth sense that something has changed.

The dynamics in your call are different, they have shifted, it takes a while, there's always a delay but you know one thing is for sure, THEY HAVE GONE....!

The first 30-50 words still spill out, just incase. Then, you venture a tentative Are You Still There?....

No reply. A second,louder as if they suddenly after the whole previous 49 minutes of conversation now have difficulty hearing you, Are You Still There?

This rapidly transcends into, the following ramble, 'You've Gone, haven't you?'
 'You have, you've gone? , ' Have you Gone?' Are, you still there?'

Then, as if it will resurrect the call, you involve others, 'They've Gone!', 'Yep, think they have DEFINATELY gone'! She's gone, I think she has gone.


In the meantime they are, while you are in denial, are trying to call you back, when they get through, and enquire as to wether your realised they had Gone, you say Yeah I knew, I could tell, I said you'd gone!

The conversation, after a lost call, well, it's never quite the same is it........x

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