Thursday, 24 January 2013

Laparosadoodle, Trading Standards and a Fake Pandora!

So far, it's been a busy start to my year, three stragglers from last year continued to blight my days with increasing urgency of which one was finally concluded,another has progressed and the third,well it's just plain annoying!

Having suffered with what my mother would 'mouth' women's problems for more time than you would 'just get on with it',I finally went to the Docs (see earlier post) and after giving my 2 year old daughter a crash course in internals and general jiggery pockery,she concluded I was to be referred for a Laparoscopy. The Doctor that is, not my two year old.

Which,on delivering said news to my mother, who is not beyond experience in (mouth) Women's Problems, exclaimed, 'you're going for a Laparasadoodle?! But I thought you decided not to get another dog?!

After we had clarified that it is not a pedigree cross breed, she to her great delight imparted her own experience of the procedure, as we all know our Mothers love to share their knowledge with sheer ignorance and impunity of the fact they scare the living bejeezus out of us in the process.

So after being regaled with tales of being blown up like a blimp, (horrendously uncomfortable apparently) you feel like someone has 'scooped around with a big spoon'. Thanks mum.

My other niggle, I say niggle,more of a Small Claims Court action which if anything I owe to my very good friend and free advisor Google. More on the virtues and how I have Googled my way out of quite a few sticky situations another day,needless to say I have taken on a fairly big fish in the Mobile Telecommunications world, and won!

Without ever having to leave my kitchen, yes it took a bit of cunning and legal quoting but 'Without Prejudice' I weaved my way out of a rubbish deal into a very shiny one!

Don't get me wrong,there were lots of failings on their part,but I am a bit like a dog (maybe a Laparasadoodle?) with a bone if I so much as sniff a bit of wrongdoing, and on this occasion the small fish won!

My third and final straggler from last year has not proved as successful, when something so blatantly wrong, in fact illegal is swept under a very large carpet I fear it will have to be chalked up on the, You're Seriously Kidding Me board!

In a nutshell, (cashew?) I 'won' on Ebay, wait...........why do we say that? Won?  We are still buying it FGS, you don't go into Tesco and cheer at the checkout, I've Won! Before paying for your toilet roll,eggs and Bin bags do you? Or maybe you do, sounds like fun actually maybe I will try it next time!

Anyway,in a nutshell (we will upgrade to an Almond) I 'Won' a bracelet that turned out to be neither designer or Silver, quite a decent looking fake, but a fake all the same. So what with my friend Google,and recent success in the Legal World it was without doubt a shock to have a final outcome that involves ME having to post it back to the seller! ME?

I have two problems with this, the first being that it seems to contradict their own rules, and the second that I was kind of hoping I would get a refund and be asked to destroy the bracelet as I would have loved nothing more than to snip it into tiny pieces and provide photographic evidence just to prove to the Seller that dishonesty NEVER PAYS!

Well, it appears in some corners or our society it does! Grrrrrrrrrr.....................

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